2021: The Easy Set Up

It’s that time of year, everyone around us, including myself, is setting new goals, resolutions, intentions, manifestions, ETC! Most of the time, when you ask someone what their New Year’s resolutions are, you will hear things along the line of “eat healthier” or “start going to the gym” or “read more books”. At least, those were some of mine in the past. This year, I wanted to look at my resolutions in a new perspective, one that would focus on me as an individual as the “goal”, rather than the actual task being “goal”. What do I mean by this? Well, let me explain.

One of my main goals this year, was to be healthier, to be an overall healthy person. So I sat down and made a list of what being a healthy person to me entailed:

  • Eating three meals a day
  • Eating fruits and vegetables
  • Drinking enough water
  • Being active, getting my body moving
  • Maintain my mental health
  • Taking daily vitamins
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Maintaining doctors visits

Once I had that list of things, I slowly began planning out my month of January. Slowly adding in different steps so that I could continue in my goal to be “an overall healthy person”. In the first week I tackled, eating three healthy meals a day, getting enough sleep, seeing my therapist, and drinking more water. This coming week I’m introducing exercise in, at least two days out of the week. I find that by slowly adding habits into my weeks, I’m releasing that pressure to not mess up. I’m allowing myself to grow into this new lifestyle, rather than diving in head first and experiencing a quicker burnout.

What I found even more beneficial about taking on my goals this way, was that I noticed an overlap between goals. For example, under “be a successful content creator” I listed rest and taking care of my mental health as something that was needed to accomplish this; which can be seen in my “healthier person” list as well.

Now I know it’s only week two, but this is the first year I don’t feel an immense pressure to have to accomplish so much all at once. I’m feeling like I can truly accomplish so much, with baby steps leading the way.

I’m curious to know how you are approaching your goals this new year? Did you set big goals? Or are you just going with the flow?

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