Anti-Haul Twenty Nineteen

2019 was not only the end of a decade but also the year where the beauty industry EXPLODED with new products. If it wasn’t every day, it sure felt like it. This was the first year, in I don’t know how long, that I am not a Sephora VIB member. I didn’t spend enough to keep my status through 2020, and I’m actually okay with it. This past year had me feeling more overwhelmed than excited when it came to beauty launches. It was to the point where I had to unfollow TrendMood because I couldn’t handle the amount of “new product” posts that kept popping up on my feed.

With all the products that came out I had a list of things I did wish that I had bought, but there was also a list of things that I knew weren’t necessary; and that’s the list I’ll be sharing with you today. To keep it short, I will be sharing my top ten anti-haul items of 2019 with you. These are in no specific order, just in the order they come to mind.

1. Anastasia Norvina Palette VOL 1,2&3

As I’m writing this and looking at the above picture I’m reminded of one of the main reasons I was not drawn to these palettes. The amount of similar colors that crossover between the three palettes is just insane. To top it off, I felt like these palettes were announced one after another. It took away from the excitement, from that need to want them. I’m not going to lie, when Norvina announced the first palette, I was excited for it. It looked beautiful, those two blues called my name. Then, she announced the second one, and I was like wait….I can’t afford both, which one is better? Which do I want? AND THEN THEY ANNOUNCED A THIRD?! It just took away any bit of want or need I may have had for this palette.

2. Kylie Skin Care

Look, I love Kylie as much as the next person; buuuuuut I love my skin more than I love Kylie. Look, yes she’s flawless, but her skincare line did not get her that. Let’s be honest. For me, this felt like another Glossier. Skincare for people who already had perfect skin. Secondly, one skin care line isn’t for everyone. A foam cleanser for my combo skin? Too drying. A walnut scrub on acne prone skin? Sounds like a painfully bad time. To top it off people claimed it being too heavy, having burning sensation, the walnut scrub being to harsh, etc. I could go on, but as you can tell nothing really appealed me to this line. I mean….I liked the pink packaging, haha.

3. Colourpop Palettes

This is crazy that I’m writing this because I LOVE Colourpop. Guy, like I LOVE Colourpop. If you are OG Classyfiers, then you know I used to review and use Colourpop NON-STOP. Problem is, now Colourpop is non-stop too, but not in a good way. I remember always being truly excited for things Colourpop would launch. I loved waiting for the surprises, but now it feels like I log on and they are launching something you. Sometimes they are launching something “new” as people are adding a “new” product to their carts. This year they launched a bunch of monochromatic palette, which honestly, we super cute. I loved the yellow and green one….but then…it just became to much. Going Coconuts reminded me too much of Double Entrade, Give It To Me Straight, and Brown Sugar. I think you get my point. I think the monochromatic concept is really cute…just don’t give me a palette that looks like 10 other ones you already previously released.

4. Jaclyn Hill Lipsticks & Highlighters

No I am not jumping on any bandwagon. I’ve never watched nor liked Jaclyn Hill. Did I buy her first Morphe collaboration, yes. Do I still think it’s an amazing palette, yes. To be honest though, after the issues with her second collaboration with Morphe I was hesitant. The colors were gorgeous, I love me a good nude, but I feel like my lack of trust in her as an influencer…made me kinda hesitant to buy. Let’s just say I’m soooooo happy that I didn’t, that I still have my money and didn’t possible put something harmful on my lips. When it comes to her newest launch….and any future launch to be honest, I will not be purchasing. How she handled lipstickgate truly showed her colors as CEO, influencer, etc. The fact that people still don’t have money back? They way she attacked her fans? Just not acceptable.

5. OUAI Super Dry Shampoo

I didn’t like their original dry shampoo so nothing really made me want to buy the “Super” version. I love most Ouai products. They smell delicious and work amazing for the most part, but their Dry Shampoo made my hair feel….not so clean. I felt that it still looked oily, and ended up having to wash it in the end. The same applied to their Dry Shampoo Foam. My hair felt worse than it did before I originally applied it.

6. Almost Anything TooFaced

Too Faced foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, I LOVE! Their eyeshadows? I used to love. I truly think their formula has gone down. I think their highlighters are toooo junky, and well there is only so much scent I can handle. I feel a lot of what was launched this past year from Too Faced was really scented, eyeshadows, or highlights. So it was a hard pass for most items. I’ll make to share some of the items I did love from them this past year at some point!

7. James Charles Mini Palette

I love this palette. I love the colors. I love the formula. This just felt like a money grab to me. He stated he didn’t want to create a new palette because he didn’t want to scam his fans….but this feels like more of a scam to me. With how great this palette did, I would have loved to see what a second palette would have looked like from him. Yes, you don’t have to buy it, which obviously I didn’t. it just felt slightly ridiculous.

8. Morphe 39L Palette

Speaking of James Charles Morphe Palette, doesn’t this look like a shimmery version of it with some shadows moved around?! Part of the reason why I passed on it, but also, I’m not into that much shimmer in one palette. I personally tend to not reach for palette that have this much shimmer vs matte in them.

9. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Extreme Frost

I know people LOVE Jeffree’s highlights, but they are personally too junky and glittery for me. I feel like his highlights don’t really have a sunk in glow, if that makes sense. My experience is that they sort of just sit on top of the skin, and definitely emphasis texture. When I same EXTREME as a part of the name I got scared. I think its amazing how truly just one simple touch picked up so much product, but I feel like it would also then EXTREMELY emphasis texture.

10. Benefit Porefessional Hydrate Primer

I personally do not like the original Porefessional Primer. I feel like my make up slides around everywhere. I feel oily upon application and that my skin gets even more oily during the day when I apply it. If that happens with the non hydrating on meant to hide pores, I cannot even begin to imagine what this one would do to my makeup and my skin.

WELL CLASSY BABES, this was fun! I cannot wait to keep posting and sharing more!

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